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Service it, add a diff-locker or re-gear it. We can fix your puzzle saving you time and money

When re-gearing, servicing or installing diff-lockers on your differential it is important to do it right the first time. Most times, problems arise during self-installs, adjustments or just not having access to the proper tools and knowledge. With our DOPU (Drop-Off Pick Up) service many of these challenges are remedied. Having the one-stop shop option to have your Differential fully serviced then returned is revolutionary. CEF has access to all the major brand components along with the experts to install the best products for your project needs. 

Re-building or changing the ratio of your transfer case leads clients to contact us due to their transfer case being noisy, leaking or just straight up broken. Having your transfer case picked up from you or your mechanic, worked on, then returned is becoming a desired service trend. 

 We don’t fix ‘em we just offer the best fit for your driveline. When dealing with high angle/wide angle, double cardan, driveshaft/prop-shaft, long travel, vibrations, extreme off-road conditions, heavy duty u-joints we bridge the gap on getting you the best shaft for your buck. 

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