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Proper protection prevents piss-poor performance. Skid plates, side rails and winch mounts ~ we got it all

The front line in defense for the under belly are skid plates. Always protect your “vitals”, engine, transmission, fuel tank etc. Quality field proven skid plates is what we offer and install. Our plates are the barrier between your vehicles sweet parts and unforgiving terrain. Constructed from quality steel or aluminum, the plates we use are designed to endure impacts and scrapes from rocks, tree stumps, and other hazards encountered off the beaten path. 

Off-road bumpers come in all shapes and sizes equipped with winch mounts, light bars, recovery points etc. We provide front and back protection options with properly engineered mounts for industry leading winches. Protect your investment with our quality products. Whether extreme off-roading, trailblazing or cruising down that old dirt road take comfort in the safety and peace of mind we offer.

Skid plates are designed to protect the undercarriage – side steps and rock sliders are designed to safeguard the sides of your vehicle.  Rock sliders “side mounted” act as a sacrificial barrier against rocks, logs, and other obstacles. Our sturdy aftermarket accessories are typically installed along the lower sides of the vehicle to prevent damage to the doors, rails and other vulnerable areas.

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