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We assist clients in finding vehicles to purchase, perform inspections, pre-export preparations or modifications.

Already have a vehicle? 

Your vehicle being in good operating condition before you export it is a must. Our team performs thorough inspections, services, modifications and much more… we use process of elimination techniques to find hidden issues or faults that can cause future frustrations.

Purchasing an off-road vehicle?

Inspection pre-purchase is important and the more help you have the better your purchase will be. Taking the time to choose wisely saves money and averts headache. A thorough inspection by people who know what they are looking at ensures you are getting the vehicle you want.

Prepping for that road trip?

Planning a long expedition or an annual camping get together is exciting yet can be daunting. It requires preparation especially when your vehicle is a lifeline. Our goal is to ensure your vehicle is ready. Having enough organized storage and amenities to provide comfort and a sense security is our aim.

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