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We offer *complete pre-export services. We will prepare your vehicle before the export process in accordance with your requirements and destination country’s standards. Our pre-export preparations include the following services:

Full Vehicle Inspection

We conduct a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle to ensure its condition in on par. Inspections include yet are not limited to checking the engine, transmission, suspension, chassis, differentials, 4-wheel drive system, brakes, tires, battery, interior, exterior, interior and much more.

Necessary Modifications

We can install the desired or required modifications to your vehicle to make it suitable for the expected terrain in the country of choice or specific needs. This could include upgrading the suspension, installing bumpers, diff lockers, winches, snorkels, changing differential ratios, wheels and tires, etc.

Service & Mechanical

If you want your 4×4 vehicle to get fully serviced, our team of experts can carry out the work. From oil and lubricants, driveline renewal, cooling and heating systems to brakes and bearings. We ensure your 4×4’s capabilities will be safe and reliable for driving and will meet your wishes. Your wish is our command.

Interior & Exterior

Paint jobs, rust treatments, new seats, carpets etc. We make it happen.

Rest assured that we will provide your vehicle with the best treatment care during its pre-export preparations to make sure it arrives to you ready to work in the optimal condition. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any special requests or further questions.

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