Suzuki Vitara / SX4-CROSSOVER Front Transmission & Engine Skid-Plate

  • Constructed from high-quality laser-cut 1/4″ aluminum
  • ‌‌Designed specifically to complement vehicle structure
  • ‌Optimal coverage with minimum added weight.
  • Direct mounting to the vehicle’s chassis. Supported by zinc-coated steel brackets
  • ‌Designed with ventilation hatches and drain holes where necessary.
  • ‌Easy Bolt-On installation. No drilling is required.
  • ‌Includes all needed assembly hardware.
  • ‌Weighs in at 10 kg (22 lb.).
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Tested on Vitara with 1.4L/1.0L Petrol Engine, and 4×4\4×2 Transmission, and SX4-CROSSOvER with 1.4L Petrol Engine, and 4×4 Transmission.

  • The Suzuki Vitara / SX4-CROSSOVER Front Skid Plate is manufactured from high-quality laser-cut 1/4″ aluminum, providing maximum strength with minimum added weight.
  • ‌Cleverly engineered to provide optimal protection to  ‌vulnerable under-vehicle components. Recommended using as a part of Asfir’s Suzuki Vitara full underbody protection kit.
  • ‌‌Designed specifically to complement the Vitara’s structure, and minimize clearance loss.
  • ‌Constructed with stiffening and reinforcing ribs to provide even greater strength where needed.
  • ‌‌Directly bolted onto the vehicle’s chassis and supported by zinc-coated steel brackets to ensure maximum durability.
  • ‌Designed with ventilation openings to reduce heat build-up alongside drain holes to assure easy removal of pebbles, dirt, or water that may get caught between the skid and the vehicle while off-roading.
  • ‌No cutting or drilling is required. Completely bolt-on.
  • ‌The package includes all the needed hardware.
  • ‌Weighs in at 10 kg (22 lb.).
  • ‌‌‌Proudly made by a family business.
Weight 22 lbs
Make Model Year
Suzuki SX4 Crossover 2021 - 2023
Suzuki Vitara 2019 - 2023